Trafalgar response to final Rookwood proposal

The final version of the major redevelopment proposal for Rookwood Golf Course – part of the draft Horsham District Local Plan – is currently under discussion and consultation with stakeholder groups, including the three neighbourhood councils.

It is regrettable that Horsham District Council (HDC) has not taken the opportunity over the last twelve months to consult directly with the public. Horsham Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council (HTNC) has attempted to fill this vacuum by representing the views of our residents, many of whom have been in touch with us to voice their concerns and objections to this scheme. It is worthy of note that amongst the dozens of comments and enquiries HTNC has received from both within the neighbourhood and the surrounding area, not one of them has displayed even a hint of support for this proposal.

HTNC have communicated our views and those of our residents to HDC on a number of occasions since our initial objection on 30th March 2020, and we continue to do so. You can read below our latest submission to the Deputy Leader of HDC and Cabinet Member for Leisure & Culture, Cllr Jonathan Chowen (Cowfold, West Grinstead & Shermanbury), who is responsible for the promotion of the scheme:

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