Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan: The People’s Plan

As members of valued local community groups, may I please draw your attention to the Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan which after seven long years of hard work by local people, has finally been passed through all the required stages to now be put to a public vote.  

The people of Horsham town are now invited to choose whether or not to accept Horsham’s “Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan”.   The Plan, which was created over many years by local residents, workers and visitors, will designate 23 specific areas within Horsham Town as ‘Local Green Spaces’ and will also ensure that green corridors (such as the Riverside Walk) are maintained for people and wildlife.  The plan does not allocate sites for housing development but includes many important policies such as providing affordable homes and keeping Horsham a distinctive market town.  

So please make all opinions count by using your vote on 20th October, as local people of all ages and with diverse politics and interests have genuinely worked hard together for many years to produce this offering, our Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan.

The Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan  can be viewed in full on the HDC website.

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