Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan

We are pleased to inform you the Horsham Blueprint Plan was ‘made’ at HDC’s Full Council meeting on 14th December. Full details of the plan can be found here.

Full weight to the policies within the plan will now be applied when planning applications in the neighbourhood plan area are being considered and as a result of the plan, the following Local Green Spaces in Trafalgar area have been given ‘green belt protection’ against development: Victory Road recreation ground, Redford Avenue football field, Pennybrook Green and the Churchill Avenue green space.

Frances Haigh, a former District Councillor in Horsham has offered the following comments on the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan:

‘I would like to send my congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Horsham Town. This has been an immense task.

A core group of people from the Town have persevered over many years to produce this plan: Trudie Mitchell from Denne, Diane Sumpter and Graham Sitton from Forest, Morag Warrack and previously David Moore and Mary Crosbie from Trafalgar, David Searle from Horsham Town Community Partnership, Ron Bates from the Horsham Society and Sue Brundish from Horsham in Bloom, as well as District Councillors Godfrey Newman, Ruth Fletcher, Martin Boffey and myself. The Forum has been very ably led by Andrew Cooke, who has been involved right from the start, helping to bring together all of the Town’s organisations and finally to produce the Neighbourhood Plan which is the document before you tonight.

Above all, this is the Town’s Plan. It could not have been produced without the contributions of ideas from many of the people who live and work in the Town. Hundreds of people filled in postcards, answered questions at consultation events, produced drawings or designed the Town in Minecraft.  The Forum has been supported by local business people, including Gill Buchanan of Swan Walk, who gifted the use of empty shops for the Forum’s events. Others helped with artwork or advertising.

I should also say thank you to Angela Koch of Imagine Places, who helped get the whole process started and especial thanks to Alison Eardley who worked on the final plan.

There have been others who have played a role, and I apologise if I do not name them all: thanks go to each and every one who shared their ideas for the future of Horsham Town’.

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